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  This nice game allows you to raise chickens. It's not a simple task, as chickens need lots of attention. All of them have a special wish, you are supposed to fulfill. You can do it in a number of ways: press the respective icon, shake your device or make a noise. Depending on how you treat your chicken, you will receive either good points or bad points. In the end, after you have placed a chicken in each of the 6 coops, you will receive a personal activation-code for Make sure you decide first, which path you want to pursue in raising your chickens, as the code is being generated based on how you treat them ;-) !

iPhone_iPad/Chicken_01.png iPhone_iPad/Chicken_02.png iPhone_iPad/Chicken_03.png iPhone_iPad/Chicken_04.png
iPhone_iPad/Chicken_05.png iPhone_iPad/Chicken_06.png iPhone_iPad/Chicken_07.png iPhone_iPad/Chicken_08.png