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Funny Text 3D
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  Link to iOS version here

  Link to Android version here

'Funny text 3D ' allows you to write any text on any chosen background. You can choose between 100+ fonts, then move, rotate and resize it on the screen - all smoothly and in 'real time'.

The text color is a gradient, so you can choose a multitude of colors for the front and the rear side of the text.

The 3D shape of the font can be inflated or deflated, as you wish.

You can also select your favorite image and use it as a background, then save the result as a new image in your photo library.

If you're bored - just click on the screen and you'll see how the letters Explode ;-) !

iPhone_iPad/FunnyText3D_01.png iPhone_iPad/FunnyText3D_02.png iPhone_iPad/FunnyText3D_03.png iPhone_iPad/FunnyText3D_04.png iPhone_iPad/FunnyText3D_05.png